URGENT: Help provide refuge, warmth, food and even family for orphans and vulnerable children in war-torn Ukraine!

UPDATE: October 2016 - The situation in Eastern Ukraine has been stable for the last year. There are shootings on the frontline everyday with no progress of any side. The reports say about one or two Ukrainian soldiers getting killed once in two-three days. From time to time there are news about the fire in the frontline towns and villages and some civilians get killed because of that. The biggest tension is in 3 directions – near Lugansk, Donetsk and Mariupol.

 There are over one million people who had to flee from the war zone and they try to settle down in the other parts of Ukraine. They experience difficulties with housing, jobs, food and clothes. The situation is also difficult for people still living near the frontline – apart from regular fire they experience shortage of food supply, lack of jobs and transportation problems.



It's awful to be an orphan in Ukraine right now.


Thank You For Helping Orphans In UkraineA little girl settles in to her temporary home. Photo courtesy of Together Ministry

It has been just over a year now since the unrest and fighting began in Ukraine. Pro-Russian separatists have caused major upheaval and distruction throughout many cities in eastern Ukraine. Tragically, 1.7+ million children in conflict-torn areas have been negatively affected by the fighting. Many have been uprooted and forced to live in well below standard conditions- in basements, with no heat, no fresh water, no easy access to food or clean clothes. Many are currently out of school as educational institutions have been shut down or destroyed in some areas. Orphans are particularly vulnerable during this time of crisis.


Michail, a 14 year-old orphan told us, It is scary in Ukraine now. I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. We can end up without food or even a roof above our heads. I’m worrying about the safety of my friends and other people.

Svetlana (17) recently shared, "I'm afraid for Ukraine. So scary when people got killed and other country invade our land. I want to live in my country where are peace, happiness and wellbeing for all people." 

Will you please send a special emergency gift today to help orphans in Ukraine?

Here are the latest statistics regarding the crisis in eastern Ukraine:


Thank You For Helping Orphans In UkraineMakeshift shelter - Photo Courtesy of Together Ministry

Many families have experienced immense hardship because their work places have been destroyed. As you can imagine this crisis has led to an increase in widows and orphans. The number of street children has become prominent again due to family breakdown and socioeconomic issues.


But the number one need in Ukraine right now is humanitarian aid. There are still families, children, and orphanages needing and hoping to be evacuated to safer regions. Children are starving and freezing. People are not receiving the medical attention they need. A Family for Every Orphan has several partners on the ground in Ukraine making great strides in humanitarian aid but the need is still so great. By donating today, you will be helping orphans, vulnerable children and families in any of the following ways:

  • Evacuations to safe regions 
  • Finding forever families for orphans                               
  • Food and fresh water
  • Warm clothes
  • Bedding
  • Blankets
  • First Aid supplies
  • Baby supplies
  • Supplies to rebuild homes
  • School supplies
  • Monetary needs

Please consider giving today to aid in the humanitarian efforts! Please pray for the displaced families, children, and orphans that so desperately need safety and peace.



Thank You For Helping Orphans In Ukraine


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Print the "7Daily Prayers for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in War-torn Ukraine" Bookmark.






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